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Post by Gannster on Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:29 pm

Hello, I am Justin Gann. I am more or less an Abilene native, having moved here at age 4 and moved back twice. I have always lived in Texas. I am currently a History Masters student and hope to be the History Liaison Librarian at a big university some day. I love history, archaeology, mythology, literature, SciFi, Fantasy, and the life sciences.

Favorite Authors include:
JRR Tolkien [The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Lay of Leithian]
JK Rowling [Harry Potter]
Jason Fry [Star Wars Essential Atlas, Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare]
Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston [Star Wars X-wing]
James Luceno [Star Wars Cloak of Deception, Star Wars Darth Plagueis]

Ernest Walker and Ronald Nowak [Walker's Mammals of the World]
Christopher Perrins and CJO Harrison [Reader's Digest Birds]
David Weishampel, etc. [Dinosauria Second Edition]

Edith Hamilton [Mythology]
Robert Graves [The Greek Myths]

George Roux [Ancient Iraq]
Michael Roaf [Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia]
Edward Lipinski [The Aramaeans, Itineraria Phoenicia]
JG Macqueen [The Hittites]
John Baines and Jaromir Malek [Atlas of Ancient Egypt]

as far as ancient and Medieval Literature go, I am particularly fond of Herodotus's Inquiries and of the "Mabinogion"; I like most ancient literature, though I find Thucydides and Josephus rather dry, and the Nag Hammadi literature a bit too esoteric


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