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what do people mean when they say spiritual?

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what do people mean when they say spiritual?  Empty Re: what do people mean when they say spiritual?

Post by Timinator on Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:00 pm

That's an interesting question. 

I think it is usually tied with emotions that make them feel more in tune with nature, or part of something bigger. There are many things that can be considered "spiritual" in nature that are not related to religion, such as visiting beautiful sights, examining nature, new forms of life, or even the far reaches of the universe. 

I think it is ultimately tied with feelings of calmness, when we actually take the time to examine our inner selves or our surroundings and let go of the other things that constantly bombard our busy lives. Anyone can feel spiritual, it doesn't mean that there are actual spirits or angels or gods behind it. 

I think it's important for everyone to find something they can do to truly feel calm for a period of time and let go of their troubles, if only temporarily. It helps us to reset ourselves and our emotions and be more prepared to tackle the next upcoming challenge(s) in life.
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