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what's up guys...

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what's up guys... Empty what's up guys...

Post by thedreadpiratesarah1 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:50 pm

so i'm brand new here. i saw a guy who was wearing a tee shirt that said atheist on the front of it and i asked him where he got it and i was directed here. i am a pretty hardcore atheist, although i am very tolerant of others thoughts and beliefs (as long as they are not hateful or pushy) i'm a pretty cool kid, I'm a sci-fi show nut like battlestar, star wars, firefly, etc. i am a music Nazi. i'm pretty partial to synth pop, industrial, dark/theatrical/folk metal, new wave, and most anything that came from the 80's. i'm going to school right now for nursing. i should graduate in the next year or two. hmu here if you have any questions for me. but in all seriousness where do i get the atheist tee at!?  What a Face

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what's up guys... Empty Re: what's up guys...

Post by Timinator on Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:03 pm

Welcome Sarah! I believe it was me that was wearing the shirt in Wal-Mart. Sorry, i know things are a little slow here right now, but we do have a Facebook group where most of our activity lies. You can visit our Facebook page HERE (there is also a link in the Announcements section, and on my profile page). 

Thanks for the reminder on the T-Shirts... I need to create a topic for that so we can get people signed up! We will need at least 15 orders (if I remember correctly) before we can get more shirts shipped, but we already have several more people that want one (hell, I want a second!)

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