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Re the expression "separation of church and state"

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Re the expression "separation of church and state" Empty Re the expression "separation of church and state"

Post by SGTex on Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:50 pm

We sometimes hear the argument that "separation of church and state" is not explicitly provided in the constitution but is just a remark from Jefferson's correspondence.  Of course, patriots who happen to be Buddhist, Pagan or Atheist must stand up and oppose the presumptuous ambitions of Christian fundamentalism or there will be flagrant "establishment of religion."  However, in speaking out we need not bother mentioning "separation of church and state."

Let us rather say something about "constitutional religious liberty," and invoke the American spirit whereby freedom of worship would quite naturally be generous and inclusive, applying across the board to various creeds and faith philosophies.  This is only consistent with the norm that calls for equal treatment of the races, and both genders, and this or that sexual orientation.  The notion of a “Christian Nation” is sinister and troubling in the same sense as that of a "White Nation."  

How appallingly unlike Jesus are some of these folks?  With moralistic arrogance of the sort that is often deprecated in Islamists, a faction of Christians militantly lobbies the government to curtail the rights of women.  The same folks doggedly oppose basic rights for millions of lesbians and gays -- unconcerned that in this they resemble not Christ but Himmler.

Broadminded, positive humanistic philosophy is the soul of the first amendment -- and surely resonates with the values of any faith, or with those of a nonreligious viewpoint.

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Re the expression "separation of church and state" Empty Re: Re the expression "separation of church and state"

Post by Gannster on Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:22 pm

how unlike Jesus? well, Jesus was neither white nor Christian, for starters....and the idea of a "Christian nation" is foreign to his recorded teachings and indeed the entire New Testament


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