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about sectarian prayer at commencement ceremonies

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about sectarian prayer at commencement ceremonies Empty about sectarian prayer at commencement ceremonies

Post by SGTex on Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:09 pm

article from a while back

I find this sort of thing exasperating. Not only members of the public, but unfortunately various powerful officials including the Texas governor and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, seem willfully blind to the meaning of the "no establishment" clause of the First Amendment. The rights of thousands of people are violated every time a school district succeeds at defying the constitution in this way.

The irony in it is, of course, that the Christian commencement prayer and sentiment would have been perfectly fine under the Bill of Rights if only other creeds were shown the same respect during the same ceremony. Set aside a full 20 minutes or so and announce weeks ahead of time that any student wishing to compose and give a brief message of faith or philosophy for commencement is encouraged to do so. Then the graduation event would be consonant with the constitution and the American way. An Atheist student might very well speak for a bit about the superiority of reason, etc.

It's just that all faith options must be accorded respect. We can do this either by having no religion at the event or by welcoming any and all religions. Frankly, I don't see what is so hard to understand about this.

But the "no establishment" part is what people like Shirley Dobson and Rick Perry keep forgetting, or pretending to forget. They are like the racists of our grandparents' time, like the "male chauvinists" who used to stand in a woman's way, or like the Boy Scouts of America, fervently reassuring and protecting a culture of prejudice.

They don't know (or they pretend not to know) that freedom without equality is phony freedom, hollow and unstable. The founders of the nation saw this in a vision and specially inscribed equality on the freedom of worship. Something so complete and perfect must be an emanation of the Dharma or wonderful law of the universe!

As it plays out in society, the "no establishment" provision has been disappointing only to those who have a problem conceding equal rights to their neighbors. Obviously, a proscription against unjust domineering by one religion is hardest on those who had in mind to do just that.

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