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Minutes for Third Business Meeting

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Minutes for Third Business Meeting Empty Minutes for Third Business Meeting

Post by Gannster on Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:23 am

Abilene Atheist Alliance
Minutes for A3 Committee
Third Business Meeting (16 April 2014)
Volunteers in Attendance:
1)      Alecia Robertson, Executive Director
2)      Matt Robertson, Deputy Director
3)      Brandon Bland, Treasurer
4)      Tim Leaf, Tech Director
5)      Ernest Slatinsky, Community Advisor
6)      Justin Gann, Secretary
Unable to attend:
1)      Angela Carpenter, Event Coordinator
2)      Lance Davis, Communications Director
Points of discussion:
1)      Brandon updated us on the current state of the treasury*
2)      Alecia discussed future advertising for the “Atheist” shirts; Brandon and Tim discussed Brandon following a dedicated shirt sales thread on the Forum
3)      Discussion of a more “recreational” place [allowing food, drinks, and music] for informal socials; Tim suggested setting up a poll to determine best places and times
4)      Discussion of member suggestion by Noel Singleton that we affiliate with American Atheist Magazine
5)      Adopt-A-Highway planned 24 May 2-5pm, followed by a dinner; prior to this we have to do a Safety Meeting
6)      Planned Round Table Discussion/Debate 10 May; participants (speakers, moderators, tech support, and officers) will have a planning session at the Gathering 21 April 7:30pm; the current plan is that each side will have a moderator and 5 speakers, and each speaker will open with a self-introduction (c. 15 minutes?) at the initial debate; a free recording will be done and may be placed on YouTube, etc.
*Brandon will personally replace all money eaten by his sister’s dogs!
Random aside:
The acronym F.R.O. [First Rate Overreactor] was coined and applied to our Fearleass Leader
Best random quote during the meeting:
“I was such a slut back then….”


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